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We don’t know each other yet, but I know one thing about you: whatever reason you had to originally start your business, your primary focus right now is on increasing profit. That’s where Awaken comes in.

Profit depends on increasing revenue while streamlining expenses. Our methodology helps businesses do exactly that. We follow a step-by-step process to create systems that are easy for you to use in your business, and that deliver measurable revenue results.

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The Awaken Approach

Research & Analysis
Strategy & Planning


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We find the patterns of success in what you've already been doing and let that point us in the right direction from the start

Data review

By reviewing things like your website visitor stats, email leads and open rates, repeat customer percentage, etc. we are able to identify your “ideal customer” profile and see what’s returning the best ROI now.


By collecting information from other sources we can find the right messaging to position you advantageously in your market

Studying the Competition

We’ll identify untapped opportunities within the holes in the market. This will allow us to both help you differentiate and also compete effectively with what is already being done by others in your industry.

Systems Planning & Implementation

Systems and processes are the business of business and are too often overlooked

Revenue generation prioritization

Prioritizing tasks related to key goals, tracking KPIs, and using technology to keep track of it all may not sound like your idea of fun, but I promise you the increase in profit while seeing a decrease in work effort/stress will bring lots of smiles to your face.

Marketing & Sales Pipeline Optimization

Funnels & ROI aren't sexy, but they are effective when it comes to revenue growth

Reliably Turn Prospects Into Customers

When you plan out a consistent pathway leads can take from introduction to you all the way through first and subsequent sales, you’ve got a formula for success that you can scale as far as you want to take it.

Social Media Strategy

The cheapest way to find new customers is to connect with them where they are, and most people spend some time each day on SM

Reach Them Before Your Competitors Do

You don’t want to be competing with other providers in your industry. You want to reach new customers before they even know that they’re looking. We’ll provide you with social media strategy and execution that gets you in front of them first.

Content Strategy & Delivery

From SEO optimized content, to an updated website, to Facebook ad creation and management, we've got you covered

Content Marketing & Advertising

Once we’ve got a tested and proven funnel in place delivering great ROI, it’s time to up the volume. We’ll send a steady stream of new leads into your marketing and sales pipeline, using economical social media advertising and/or content creation.

About Awaken

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA - Revenue growth specialist

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA

Yes, that’s my real name. I combine an eclectic background to produce extraordinary results your competition isn’t getting, so I guess it goes hand in hand that even my name is a bit unusual.

I’m the founder of Awaken, LLC and lead a team of experts who are all exceptional at delivering measurable results to small businesses.

My BA is from Brown University in International Commerce and my MA is from CIIS in Counseling Psychology. I started working as a business consultant when I was recruited by a top firm that wanted someone with a more innovative skill set to bring a fresh perspective to their operations. They taught me “the business of business” as well as the craft of consulting. (Turns out, there is a different skill set for being able to run a successful business than for being able to help others run successful businesses!)

I launched my own consulting firm, Aspiratech, in early 2009 where I focused primarily on serving Fortune 500 companies. I transitioned to focusing primarily on micro-businesses (up to 20 employees) 5 years ago. Whether helping sole proprietors, Fortune 500 corporations, or something in between, I help clients improve results and achieve their objectives. I look forward to helping you do the same in a way that fits who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish in your business.

What Clients Say

I needed a consultant who was experienced in business and could guide me through creating a clear structure in mine. This was definitely Indigo. She understands businesses, she understands marketing and she knows how to share the information to support your business in a clear way detail by detail. I highly recommend working with her.
Working with Indigo has been fabulous for me and my business. Less than a year ago, I was just embarking on getting my coaching business started and had a website but nothing more. I loved going through all the nuts and bolts of a business with Indigo from start to finish. Indigo is so intuitive and knowledgeable.  The best part was the accountability. I knew I had to do all these things, but Indigo gave me great formats, structure, and even had started the research in some places. My business has grown from a few coaching clients to contracts with large companies for multiple engagements.
Cathy Chen-Rennie, Capriole Consulting
Working with Indigo was a pleasure. She, more than anyone I’ve ever worked with in the past, helped me get clear on the vision of what I was offering. Her help continued when she moved from vision to practicality by providing concrete steps to bring my offering to the world. We set a 3 month revenue target, which at first I didn’t see how I was going to achieve. About 4 months later I realized I’d exceeded that goal by more than $3,000.  I hadn’t actually paid much attention to the goal, rather concentrated on following our focused plan. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the next goal we set for the 6 month mark!
Seamus Berkeley, Fine Art Painting
Indigo has a tremendous amount of practical business know-how that she mixes with the ability to tune into one’s inner journey that I find amazingly helpful. I feel so lucky to be able to call on someone who can tell me exactly the steps to clarifying a business plan, managing tasks and performance goals, setting up a website and email hosting list or even which social media platforms to use when AND who can also meet me exactly where I am as a person in the fullest sense of the word. Her approach is personalized and grounded in both the pragmatic and apirational aspects of her client’s business needs. She is truly gifted!
Catherine H., One-Shot Mind Media
Indigo maintained her focus on the Core issues (the necessary mindset for success) while providing concrete, practical suggestions which were tailored specifically to my Individual circumstance. She helped me to isolate the key factors of my situation and apply them to my Business Plan. Her knowledge and experience in the business world was useful for me to understand the challenges posed by my strategy. Meanwhile, her ideas and suggestions were extremely relevant. Her style is casual, without judgement and with an uncanny sense of the bigger picture. She works with deep compassion, Insight and kindness. I highly recommend a session for anyone who wants to improve their business chops, organize their approach or refine their Business Plan to focus on what’s important for their ultimate success.
Prem Dawson, Grief Support
It was both illuminating and a pleasure to work with Indigo to clarify lots of the key questions I have about transitioning my business and simplifying my focus and message. She provided a relaxing and creative presence during my session. Best of all, she offered real world experience on the resources you must know about to be the creative online entrepreneur that is also effective and successful!
Gayla D’Gaia, Sacred Beauty Chocolate

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