If you are wanting to generate more revenue in your business, then even if you serve a completely local market, you still need to create and execute an effective plan for your business’s online presence.

Here I review 3 Jewelers for the strength of their online presence. The key points I cover are:

  • Responding to Yelp reviews and completing the page
  • Making sure your entire online presence stacks up against competitors that will be found alongside you
  • Are you sufficiently personalizing your presence to draw people in?
  • Check your website links!
  • Be proactive about your Facebook page’s niche neighborhood
  • Keep in mind why people who follow you on social media are following you and give them what they’re looking for
  • Be thoughtful about which pictures you decide to show and if they serve the message your target market will respond best to
  • Leverage your strength on one online platform on others

If there are takeaways you feel you can apply productively in your own business, whether you are an orthodontist or not, please share in the comments below. If you have questions, also feel welcome to ask and I’ll do my best to help you apply these principles in your business.

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